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LEARN to Freedive

...and discover your depths

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photo by Anton Volobuev


photo by Elin Larsgren

AIDA Freediving Instructor &
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Hi there! I am both a Freediving Instructor, and a Master's student of Psychotherapy, currently living and teaching out of the beautiful and sunny diving mecca Dahab, South Sinai. Professionally, I am instructing Freediving while honing my skills and practice toward one day soon developing a Freediving and Psychotherapy practice!


Freediving has taken me personally on a wild and wonderfully epic journey of knowing myself better, while also bringing my own journeys of healing and well being into balance. It has helped me find strength I never knew I had - physically and mentally.


I love working with students in the water! Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of breath-hold, or an experienced diver desiring to deepen your practice. Feel free to get in touch to inquire about availability. I look forward to seeing you in the waves very soon!


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The Beginner Freediving Course (AIDA 2) Includes:

The Advanced Freediving Course (AIDA 3) Includes:

AIDA 1 (Short 1-day Intro Course)
AIDA 2 Pool (Beginner Freediving, without Depth)
AIDA 3 Pool (Advanced Freediving without Depth)
STA Coaching
and more!

Contact (button below) for more information, inquiries, and bookings:

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