December 28, 2018

in the morning, المعادي
انا مش عارف
but, i want to know


،صباح الوَرد
i reply -

we greet
on the plants,
to songs of

،و فيروز
in the...

December 4, 2018

It’s confusing, crying in the sea,

wondering where my tears

and the drops of water really

begin and end.

Or, I could say,

where they join forces.

Oh, the powe...

May 6, 2018

Over and over each prod of the needle is a moment

after moment morphing into marked memory.

Like a healer he plays pain into stains of

my spirit embodied i...

February 6, 2018

colour with a side of dust

bits of pink

splashes of blue

senses of sea

the steady chaos

of crossing streets and

calm swerving lines

like everyone coordinated


January 31, 2018

when you fall in love
all over the world,
you are blessed
with the trouble 
of many "see you 
maybe never's."

but grateful you will be

January 25, 2018

And so, my dear, I must unwind our hands,

for this heart still beats with the river.

'Tis not yet ready to drop anchor and land,

and so it sails on the shi...

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