October 30, 2017

moving away from you
while I'm high

on emotion and sunshine
reminds me of the lessons from home:
the adventure is now,
the destination is here,
play when...

October 30, 2017

we kiss without knowing
that was it,
too soon.


October 23, 2017

"hati boussa"
you said,
and placed
a kiss on each cheek
soft with a smile


October 20, 2017

i suppose 
if i'm going to leave you
i'd rather be sad
to miss you
than glad
to be rid of you...
the tears fall 
either way, but now
at least they flow

October 20, 2017

i don't want to leave the sea
she thought (almost) guiltily
as if it's not okay
to want to be happy 
and free
by the sea.

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